I’m Stephanie wankel

Investor * Author * Podcaster * Mentor * Mom

Helping You Build 

Confidence and Start Investing in Your Freedom


Are you ready to conquer fear & overwhelm and take action and start building multiple incomes through investing


Don’t waste your time and money on trail and error, learn from my 20 years of experience to create freedom for your family – faster and easier. 


Be inspired by amazing women investors and entrepreneurs who are taking action and building income streams and business.


Discover how to condense years of investing experiences into weeks and start building passive income through investing in real estate and dividend stocks.

Mentoring Programs

I am honored to walk by your side with encouragement and support as you journey toward financial freedom by taking action to generate new income streams.

Investor Mastermind

Women make amazing investors and have unique strengths and challenges in this male Let’s do this journey with like minded women who can encourage and support our path forward. 


Stephanie is co-author of the Amazon #1 Best Selling book
“Success Habits of Super Achievers” book with over 80
iconic thought leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals,
investors, and more.  The transformative stories of
resilience, overcoming, and faith are FULL of proven
success strategies. Learn from the many real-life lessons on
building great habits and living a successful life.


What Is Mentoring

As your investing mentor, I am honored to share my knowledge and skills from over a decade of investing experience to help guide you toward reaching financial freedom for your family. 

  • I will become your trusted confidante who wants the best for you. 

  • I will guide you with positive & supportive accountability.

  • I will work with you to create structured processes systems to get results.

  • I will support you with tools & resources to deal w/ change & challenges that come your way.

Who Is Mentoring For?

Mentoring is a discovery process and the  best outcomes result when both participants are: 

  • Curious – actively explore and discover to awareness and ultimately success.
  • Coachable –open minded with an eagerness to learn.
  • Committed  –  promises to ourselves and our purpose is what drives us when times get tough. 
  • Action Oriented – fear is expected, educated and inspired action takes courage, which builds confidence.
  • Honest – it goes without saying, relationships are built on the highest level of integrity.
  • Positive – whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.  Whiners/complainers need not apply.

What Is The Process?

My mission is to mentor women who are on a path toward freedom (financial, time, and emotional) by helping them create multiple income streams where money from income-producing assets pay their expenses, NOT your day to day job.

As your guide on the PATH to freedom
P - Purpose, passion and people

Find yours to propel your journey to freedom.

A – Approach to investing

Focus on investing in cash flowing assets.

T – Time is your most valuable resource

Increasing the time you spend with family through multiple, passive income streams.

H – How to get here

The best way to get started and make progress is by building the confidence to take action.

Mentoring Programs

Live 10 week Real Estate Investing With Confidence Group Training:

Join the weekly, live 60 min group ZOOM calls. You will discover your “3 decision blueprint” to start real estate investing. Together, we will break down the overwhelm, and build your confidence to take action. These 3 key DECISIONS are key to your clarity.

3 Month 1:1 Real Estate Investing With Confidence Mentoring Program:

In 12, 60 min weekly individual mentoring calls, Stephanie will be your side and as you conquer fear & overwhelm and build the confidence to take action and start building multiple incomes through investing?

6 Month 1:1 Real Estate Investing With Confidence Mentoring Program:

In 4, 60 min weekly individual mentoring calls, you can condense years of investing experiences into weeks and start building passive income through investing.

About Me

After a dramatic divorce, I found myself alone, with my half my assets, half my household income, and overwhelmed with fear and worry about my children’s future. As a single mom with more than a full-time career and a real estate investing business,
my heart’s desire was to spend less time working hard and more time with my family.

The key to making progress and overcoming my fear was to take action, and that’s what I did. During the uncertain economic times of a recession, I bought my first rental property. After years learning, growing, and managing my rentals, I jumped in and
scaled my business. Fast forward passed my many mistakes and lessons learned, today, I collect thousands of dollars a month in rents and, with my partners, have over
2,300 units.

If you are ready to generate extra money with investing, most of what you need is support, encouragement, and accountability from someone who has “been there and done that”, that’s me! I’m committed to helping women thrive in change, develop resilience, and build income with investing, so you can create the life of their dreams.

Don’t Wait Start Building Income Today!